Apply while building hours

For those pursuing an ATP or R-ATP, enroll in the Aviate® program before you apply to a United Express® regional partner and you’ll be on a defined path to United

Your process — Details and requirements below

Step 1Meet minimum eligibility requirements

  • Be employed or have accepted an offer of employment with one of Aviate’s universities, commercial flight schools or Part 135 operator partners
  • Hold a valid FAA medical certificate that was originally issued as a first or second-class medical certificate
  • Have a high school diploma or GED equivalent

Are you on the right Aviate career path? Or have you:

Graduated with a bachelor’s degree that grants R-ATP eligibility, from a participating university?

Check out the university path ➔

Obtained a Commercial Pilot Certificate with Instrument Rating from a participating flight school?

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Step 2Apply to Aviate

When you join Aviate, you’ll gain access to:

  • A direct path. Aviate participants can transition to United as a First Officer upon successful completion of the Aviate program and hiring requirements
  • Travel privileges. Aviate participants enjoy travel privileges to United destinations around the world
  • Coaching. Aviate participants will have the opportunity to participate in a coaching program and receive mentorship from United pilots
  • Culture. You’ll gain deeper connections with our United team, with access to senior leadership, site visits and tours, and an inside look at our inclusive culture

Complete the selection process, which includes:

  • Employment record and history review
  • A panel interview
  • A technical skill interview
  • Personality and cultural fit inventory
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Step 3Build toward your ATP/R-ATP certification

Build flight hours toward your R-ATP/ATP and gain valuable experience teaching as a CFI at one of Aviate’s universities, professional flight schools or Part 135 operator partners

Step 4Fly with an Aviate United Express carrier or Part 135 operator

Flying with our Aviate-participating United Express (UAX) carriers or Part 135 operators provides invaluable flying experience.

Secure your path to a United First Officer position by completing 1,200 PIC (Pilot in Command) hours with an Aviate-participating UAX carrier or Part 135 operator

For full details, see For full details, see Chapter 5 of the APG

Step 5Transition to United as a First Officer

Once you complete your minimum transition requirements, you will be eligible to transition to United as a First Officer.

You must also meet the following to be eligible for transition:

  • Current passport with at least six-months of validity remaining at time of employment
  • Legal right to work in the United States without sponsorship
  • Must be able to travel freely within the United States and without restriction to all countries United serves
  • Meet all additional First Officer hiring requirements

You will be assigned a First Officer class date and start at United within four (4) months of meeting the PIC hours requirement.