Youth Programming

United is proud to be the official airline partner of the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)’s youth education programs via Aviate. Together we are opening doors for young aviators worldwide to foster their passion and reach their aspirations. There are vast opportunities awaiting young people seeking a career where the sky is the limit.

Two wonderful programs to explore include EAA’s Young Eagles and AeroEducate. Learn more about how to get involved below.

Start your journey to Aviate with Young Eagles

Young Eagles logo

If you’re a young aviation enthusiast between the ages of 8 and 17 and want to explore the freedom of flight, EAA offers the opportunity to start your journey toward aviation participation with a FREE Young Eagles flight.

Launched in 1992, Young Eagles has flown more than 2.2 million children and young adults over the past 30 years. The goal is to introduce today’s youth to their first flight in a small general aviation aircraft.

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Grow your aviation knowledge with AeroEducate

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AeroEducate is a free, self-paced online activity program for students from kindergarten through high school to explore the exciting world of aviation, developed in partnership with companies, organizations, and universities from across the country. AeroEducate also provides teachers, parents, EAA chapters and other youth leaders with a toolbox of resources to help inspire future generations of aviators, engineers, mechanics, astronauts, and more by igniting their passion for aviation and aerospace.

Along with activity resources, AeroEducate utilizes a fun innovative badging system to support student engagement in the program.

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