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Aviate at AirVenture in Oshkosh,WI from July 23-30, 2023

July 27, 2023

We’re back at EAA AirVenture all week. Come join United for a jam-packed week at the world's largest airshow in Oshkosh, WI, and don’t miss a chance to check out our Aviate recruiters and partners throughout the event!

See below where you can find United during the week and where we’ve been:

United Pilot Forums

Join us for two sessions Wednesday and Thursday, where you’ll gain unique industry insight from some of our pilot leaders, get firsthand knowledge from our pilot hiring experts and learn more about our commitment to your career in aviation. There will also be time for Q&A so be sure to come with any questions that are top of mind. We hope to see you there!

United Pilot Hiring Forum:

  • Wednesday, July 26 (2:30 PM) – Forum Stage 6: EnerSys
  • Thursday, July 27 (11:30 AM) – Forum Stage 7: ForeFlight

United Pilot Hiring Forum:

  • Wednesday, July 26 (8:30 AM) – Forum Stage 7: ForeFlight
  • Thursday, July 27 (2:30 PM) – Forum Stage 7: ForeFlight

AeroEducate Tent

Kid’s activities:

Have young ones looking to explore their future aviation career options?

Stop by the AeroEducate tent to connect with team members from United Aviate Academy (UAA), United’s wholly owned flight school, Calibrate, United’s apprenticeship program for those who want to become a United technician, and United's Women in Tech Ops group. There will even be UAA Cirrus aircraft on display! Check out the other UAA Cirrus aircraft at the Cirrus booth.

Youth events to note:

  • Monday, July 24 at 8:00 AM: Educator Day begins
  • Tuesday, July 25 (1:00 PM): UAA youth walk-in partner activity
  • Wednesday, July 26 (1:00 PM): AE classroom activities - Hovercraft
  • Thursday, July 27 (1:00 PM): UAA youth walk-in partner activity
  • Friday, July 28 (1:00 PM) AE classroom activities - Magnus Cups

UAA aircraft display

All week long there will be a UAA Cirrus aircraft on display at this tent! Learn from our UAA Certified Flight Instructors and hop in to check out this incredible aircraft. Bonus viewing opportunity: there will be a UAA Cirrus aircraft at the Cirrus booth.

Also, on Saturday, July 29, at 10:30 AM, UAA will host a presentation onsite to share more about the Academy and inspire the next generation of aviators!


Get inspired by some of the most notable women in aviation at WomenVenture. Each year, WomenVenture aims to celebrate powerful female aviators who have paved the way and inspire other women who dream of flight. This year is particularly special as it marks 30 years of women flying in combat. Be sure to register here to get a t-shirt, breakfast (sponsored by United!) and the chance to listen to Captain Mary Ann Schaffer during her opening remarks. Stick around for a big group picture and lunch!

  • Wednesday, July 27 (8 AM – 6:30 PM) Aviation Gateway Park

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