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My Aviate app: FAQs for Aviate participants

June 8, 2023

Note: The following frequently asked questions (FAQs) are meant for current Aviate participants. Those who are not currently Aviate participants can check out the My Aviate page to see how this app is a game-changer for program participants and learn more about the Aviate program.

My Aviate, the industry-first mobile app designed for Aviate participants, will help you track your progress on your way to United. As you navigate My Aviate, please see the FAQs below for additional details and helpful information.

Getting Started

Logging Flight Hours

Personal Information


For any additional questions that were not addressed above, please fill out this support form with a subject line briefly describing your question, issue or feedback. In the ‘message‘ section please provide as much detail as possible. Enter the email address associated with your My Aviate account.