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Aviate Participant Spotlights

March 20, 2024

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We're excited to introduce our new Aviate Participant Spotlight series, celebrating the achievements of Aviate participants who have charted their path to United with the support of the Aviate program. Keep reading to discover the stories of three remarkable United pilots who went through the Aviate journey.

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Jason S.: Los Angeles (LAX)-based B787 First Officer

As the only person with an aviation background in his family, Jason's pilot journey began with a fascination for airplanes at age four. After graduating from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona, Jason worked as a crew coordinator at AirTran Airways, where he got a taste of multiple aspects of the operation.

Jason then earned his flight instructor ratings from ATP and went on to instruct at two different flight schools in Florida from 2013-2015. From there, Jason joined GoJet Airlines and built his flying experience there while working through the Aviate program.

After transitioning from Aviate to United, he started his journey on the B737 and is now a B787 First Officer. Even after finishing the program, Jason continues to be a role model for the Aviate community and beyond.

“I would not have made it this far in my career without the support of family, friends, professional networking, but most importantly, the support of my parents,” Jason shared.

Jason says that his parents worked just as hard as he did to get to United. Check out Jason’s “Welcome Aboard” announcement on his first flight with his parents in 2023, where they were able to celebrate the achievement together.

Recently, Jason spoke about his journey at State of Aviate, our annual virtual event where we discuss all things Aviate and United. Check out Jason’s video up top to listen to his experience first-hand and check out our Aviate website to learn more.

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Scott W.: Denver (DEN)-based B737 First Officer and Flight Instructor at United’s Flight Training Center (FTC)

Scott always knew he wanted to be a pilot, stemming from early memories of flying with his uncle. After receiving a university degree in business, Scott completed his training at ATP in Houston, TX. He then became a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) at Hooks Airport for Houston Flight Training. From there, Scott was at Great Lakes on the BE-1900, and had the opportunity to fly as First Officer before being upgraded to Captain.

Scott joined Aviate through Mesa Airlines on the EMB-175. Upon completion of the program, Scott transitioned to United and has now flown the A319/A320 and the B737 to global destinations and is even a pilot instructor now for the B737 in United's Flight Training Center.

Scott is most appreciative of his Aviate Coach who helped prepare him for what United would be like and guided him on the path to success at United.

“I still call him when I have a question to this day,” Scott shared.

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Captain Aaron G.: San Francisco (SFO)-based A320 Captain

From a young age, Aaron was captivated by the idea of being a pilot and exploring the world from above. The thrill of being in control of an aircraft, navigating the clouds and witnessing breathtaking views always fueled his passion.

After flight training at Arizona State University and then earning his CFI, Aaron continued his pilot journey as a First Officer at Mesa Airlines. Aaron knew that his United pilot dreams were well within reach when he saw a secure path to our flight deck through the Aviate program. Today, he is a United A320 Captain and continues to inspire future generations of aviators.

Aaron’s core memory of his career thus far was when his family joined him on his flight for Father's Day in 2022 from LAX to EWR. Watch Aaron’s video above and check out the Aviate website to learn more about his journey.

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We look forward to seeing what the future has in store for our Aviate participants. In the meantime, if you or someone you know is interested in beginning your pilot journey to United, please have them subscribe to our communications to learn more. Don’t forget to check out our eligibility chart to learn about the qualifications, partners and requirements to join Aviate.

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