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Aviate Participant Spotlights – World Pilots’ Day

April 26, 2024

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In honor of World Pilot’s Day and to continue celebrating our Aviate participants who have completed their path to United through the program, we’re sharing more of our Aviate Success Stories.

Each of these extraordinary pilots grew up abroad and all had the same goal to fly for United one day.

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Nathalie P.: Newark (EWR)-based B777 First Officer

Check out more of Nathalie's journey!

From a young age, United B777 First Officer Nathalie P. knew she wanted to become a pilot for United. She spent the early years of her life flying on Continental Airlines to Brazil, where her travels quickly became a passion.

Nathalie received her Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering from Liberty University and then completed her flight training at ATP Flight School, which is an Aviate partner. She later flew with GoJet Airlines as a First Officer and then Captain, where she completed her Aviate program requirements and transitioned to United.

Nathalie chose her path to United because of the culture, the routes and the everyday support.

“I want to show the world that women can change the way we pave the future for generations to come,” Nathalie shared. “It can be anyone.”

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Arno D.: San Francisco (SFO)-based B777 First Officer

Follow along with Arno's success at United.

United’s B777 First Officer Arno D. has been fascinated by flying since his first flight at age four. He grew up in Belgium and flew United’s route from Brussels to the United States numerous times, which only furthered his interest in flying for United someday.

“I grew up in Europe, so being able to go back and experience different cultures around the world has always been my dream,” Arno shared.

Arno joined Aviate when the program began in 2019, which coincided with his first year at his regional United Express carrier. Having a direct path to the United flight deck was an ideal opportunity for him, along with the added benefit of having an Aviate Coach.

Arno valued his experience with his Aviate Coach, as she helped him navigate the airline world, which was brand new to him. He is still in contact with his Coach, and she continues to be a fountain of knowledge for his career.

Today, Arno also serves as an Aviate Coach for current participants, and he hopes to be a pillar of knowledge just as his Coach was for him.

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Tejash P.: Newark (EWR)-based B767/757 First Officer

Keep up with Tejash's career highlights.

B767/757 EWR-based First Officer Tejash P. grew up in London, right by Heathrow Airport. Growing up, he was enchanted by the aircraft and operation, deriving immense joy from seeing the jets fly above him to destinations around the world.

“From the moment I stepped foot in a cockpit, I was captivated by the thrill of takeoff and the satisfaction of landing safely after a successful flight,” Tejash said.

Tejash completed flight training with ATP Flight School, which is one of Aviate’s partner flight schools.

“Aviate provided me with a clear direction and a tailored pathway to a career at United,” Tejash shared.

To Tejash, being a pilot enables him to fulfill his curiosity about the world. He is grateful for the ability to travel to various places and immerse himself in new experiences, all while making an impact by connecting people, cultures and communities across the world.

He is proud to provide a safe and comfortable journey for passengers, while also sharing their excitement and anticipation for travel.

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