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Aviate program changes

March 3, 2023

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Meeting our commitment to Aviate participants is a top priority at United and the program will remain an important pipeline source for our airline. Aviate continues to provide the most secure, direct path to the United flight deck. As an Aviate participant, your conditional job offer as a First Officer means that you can have confidence in your journey.

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What are the Aviate program changes?

Effective March 1, 2023:

Simplified transition requirements. A single Pilot in Command (PIC) requirement replaces the 2,000 flight hours of total time (or 1,500 for those who upgraded to Captain) and two (2) year service time requirements. A bachelor's degree is no longer required to transition to United.

Aviate participants will be required to upgrade and fly as a Captain at Aviate-participating UAX carriers or Part 135 operators to transition directly to United.

  • Training failures incurred during Captain upgrade training will not count toward a participant's quantity of certified regulatory check ride failures.

Current UAX Aviate participants remain eligible to transition under legacy program requirements, or under new program requirements, whichever is faster.

  • Select UAX pilots will be required to upgrade and fly 500 PIC hours to transition under the legacy program requirements.

United start date commitment. Participants will be on property at United within four (4) months of meeting program requirements.

Part 135 direct transition to United. Participants can now transition directly to United from any Aviate-participating Part 135 operator after serving as a Captain.

For complete details regarding these program changes and transition requirements, reference the APG.

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How does this impact current and future participants?

Select your Aviate participant status below:

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Frequently asked questions

Have questions and want to learn more?

Check out the Aviate website and read the Aviate program guide (APG) for full details. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can also email aviate@united.com to contact a member of the Aviate team.

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