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United Express (UAX) Aviate participant transition timeframe FAQs

March 1, 2023

This blog post was updated March 1, 2023 to address transition timeframe questions as they relate to all Aviate-participating United Express pilots who have received an estimated transition timeframe.

Originally this blog post was published September 27, 2022 when Aviate participants at CommuteAir and GoJet received transition timeframe communications.

As Aviate participants continue to transition to United Airlines flight decks, the Aviate team will be providing UAX Aviate participants visibility into when they may transition to United.  

See below for frequently asked questions regarding this transition timeframe update.

Per the APG, Aviate participants transition to United after they meet all transition requirements and reach the top of their carrier-specific Aviate list. Transition is contingent upon approval by United’s Transition Board of Review (TBOR). The transition timeframe is when United projects an Aviate participant will complete their requirements and reach the top of the list of transition-eligible Aviate participants at their carrier.

Everyone’s pathway to United is unique, so it is difficult to forecast exactly when each participant will be transition-ready. The transition timeframe was calculated using a few key assumptions. In an effort to be transparent, Aviate is sharing the assumptions used below:

  • First Officers with less than 1,500 flight hours will upgrade to Captain after reaching 1,000 hours to satisfy their flight-hour requirement more quickly.
  • First Officers will upgrade to Captain in order to accrue Pilot in Command (PIC) hours if they:
    • Did not indicate they had a degree (or are pursuing one), or
    • Did not complete the survey(s) that asked whether they had received a degree
  • Participants will accrue hours at the average monthly rate for their carrier.
    • Please note: Leaves of absence, changing UAX carriers or other factors could impact when a participant meets their flight-hours requirement.
  • Participants will meet and maintain the general performance standards as defined in Chapter 4 of the APG.
  • Participants will meet all job requirements for a First Officer position at United (i.e., current passport, legal right to work in the U.S. without sponsorship, etc.) which can be found here.

Participants who do not meet transition requirements before the end of their transition timeframe will not be assigned a class date until they have met all their transition requirements. Participants who meet requirements after their transition timeframe will be placed into the first available class upon approval by the Transition Board of Review. As a reminder, participants should email aviatedocs@united.com upon successful completion of all transition requirements.

Only participants who have met their transition requirements and who are projected to transition soon were asked to provide information for the Transition Board of Review. When Aviate participants complete all transition requirements from the APG, they should email the Aviate team at aviatedocs@united.com.

Upon submission, the Transition Board of Review will review the provided information to ensure the participant meets all hiring requirements. Once approved, participants will be assigned a class date.

Because Aviate participants will likely meet their transition requirements at a different date than originally forecasted and their position on their new carrier-specific Aviate list may also be different, their original transition timeframe will no longer be valid.

For those pilots who have not received an estimated transition timeframe and have been on property at an Aviate-participating UAX carrier with a start date after September 27, 2022, but before March 1, 2023, you will receive an estimated transition timeframe in the coming weeks.

The process outlined above can vary in length, especially if additional information from a participant is needed, but it typically takes 6-8 weeks after submission. Participants who do not receive a class date within eight (8) weeks of submission should reach out to aviatedocs@united.com to inquire about their status.

A participant’s projected transition timeframe is when they are expected to meet all requirements and reach the top of the Aviate list. Participants should continue to fly and maintain compliance with the APG if they meet both of these criteria before their transition timeframe.

For any additional questions, please reach out to aviate@united.com.

Learn more about our United Express (UAX) Aviate pathway.

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Full details regarding Aviate eligibility and transition requirements can be found in the Aviate Program Guide (APG). For questions not covered in the APG, please provide your information and question in the space provided, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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